Starting the new year in style

I don’t know about all of you but I am beginning to come out the other side of the holidays with conflicting urges to purge belongings (early spring cleaning), clear my head, and resolve to make this year “more” than last year. Injecting some realism into the picture, I am hoping for a few hours a month along in the apartment for the purging (I managed to rearrange the table linen cabinet today) and do a better job on the self-maintenance department than I have in recent months and years.

On that front, my beauty and wellness goals are to figure out how to exercise more and manage at least 3 haircuts per year with an occasional pedicure in the mix. I am fortunate that I easily meet the 5 mile walking mark most days within my daily shlep to the subway and trek home from picking up my daughters pushing 70+ pounds of girls plus my bag, their snacks, and whatever the art project du jour is. What I miss is a regular run–the endorphin high and the feeling of being in tune with my body instead of dodging pedestrians and taxis as well as providing snack, tissue and chapstick adjustments every few yards.

On the dietary front, I am happy to believe the reports of chocolate’s health benefits and am doing my best to make sure it is part of my daily regime. And nuts, too. I was fortunate to receive my inaugural Cravebox last month and was excited to dive into the chocolate offerings (please keep them coming!). The Baci brought me back to a trip to Capri when I was 12 and those were one of the treats on offer. I’m looking forward to getting my daily ration from the Perugina chocolate bar starting tomorrow.

I got a few treats in the Cravebox that I wanted to share with my readers in the hopes that they help you start your new year with style. I will be sending one lucky reader my Mereadesso Beautiful Body Balm ($54 retail value) and pale pink Nic’s Stic since I am incapable of putting on my own polish and was lucky enough to receive some Fresh bounty from my husband for the holidays. To enter the giveaway, please comment below by January 8th.

How will you be starting the new year in style?

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8 Responses to Starting the new year in style

  1. Julee says:

    I am starting my new year in style by accepting what I cannot change and changing what I cannot accept. I hope to walk more, eat healthier and celebrate the small milestones. Life is beautiful and far too short to do it any other way!

  2. Heidi says:

    I am starting the New year in style by taking charge of my health and trying to make small changes that really add up! I would love to try these products!!

  3. nannaof3 says:

    I am starting my New year by Changing everything that I can and Take some more me time and being able to enjoy things that I have been missing out on I am also trying to turn my health around so I will be here longer for my Children and be able to enjoy them more.

  4. I am changing everything that I can change about myself this year and I am go to get some more me time and I am going to try to turn my health around so that I am here longer to enjoy my children longer and spend time with them

  5. Kim F says:

    Changing my priorities – saving more, spending less! Craving the body balm – I’m a Mereadesso fanatic! Happy New Year!

  6. Talaga says:

    More patience, more love to give and receive. Growing income from untapped resources. Any improvement and growth in the New Year is a slam dunk!Also learning!!!!So many new things to learn. :)

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