October’s NYC Food Obsessions

Having a bit more time on my hands during my work hiatus, I’ve had a chance to visit a few of my favorite food purveyors. I highly recommend all of them (and I try to walk to them to make up for what I am about to eat!)

The Doughnut Plant: The Doughnut Plant’s Chelsea Hotel outpost is more or less on the way to the subway for my new commute–teach me restraint! I met up with a friend for coffee there yesterday and couldn’t resist the siren call of the fresh raspberry cake doughnut but was sorely tempted by the new seasonal variety–pumpkin with what looked like caramelized pecans on the outside. I recommend going with a few people so you can get a few different kinds and share!!

Eataly: I stopped in at Eataly on my way home yesterday with a mission of finding a meal that would keep my kids at the table for at least 15 minutes and eating what was served. Mission accomplished with two ravioli varieties (spinach and ricotta pansotti and ravioli quadrati) and a take home pint of two flavors of the gelato: chocolate and white peach. The girls like the ravioli prepared simply with just a little olive oil and we served the gelato with a side of fresh strawberries.

Russ and Daughters: I am planning a trek to this mecca of smoked fish and other delicacies this afternoon. You haven’t experienced what smoked salmon really is until you’ve tried theirs and they do mail order–it’s my care package of choice!

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