Can I have a snack?

For most parents, “Can I have a snack?” is one of the most commonly heard questions and I’ve got to admit that I am a resolute snacker myself. After a few years of experimenting, we’re all hitting our snack stride around here with some snacks that I can feel good about. I often bring them for myself to work to try to avoid the 3 pm beckoning of less healthy alternatives. My general food philosophy is to avoid preservatives and chemical additives as much as possible. So what’s tops for right now?

Fruity snacks

Applesauce blends in the cool squeeze tubes. The girls love Trader Joe’s apple banana version and we all love GoGoSqueez’s apple strawberry and apple peach versions.

Chocolate and Nut Snacks

We all love products by Clif: Luna bars for me in Chocolate Raspberry or Nutz Over Chocolate and Z bars for the girls in Chocolate Brownie or Chocolate Chip.

I recently discovered dark chocolate covered cashews at Duane Reade and both girls loved them, too. They do have modified food starch on the ingredient list so I’m thinking that we should give it a go of making them at home–will keep you posted.

The Two Tiny Kitchen Peanut Butter Pretzel Bites also rock and are a fun family cooking project.

Salty Snacks

We are loving the Kettlecorn from Popcorn, Indiana and we all adore Pirate’s Booty or the Cheeto’s Naturals White Cheddar Puffs.

Dairy Snacks

We consume vast quantities of yogurt squeeze tubes (thanks to Stonyfield Farm and Trader Joe’s) as well as cheese sticks (keeping Polly-O in business). I wish the Trader Joe’s cheese sticks had some sort of cute animal on them like the Polly-O bird since I love that they are made with hormone free milk. I really like the Monterey Jack version.

We need to keep the rotation fresh so I would love to know of what snacks you have discovered work for you and your families. Please let me know!!!

PS: Just got my first ecomom package yesterday thanks to a Klout perk. The strawberry yogurt Grammy Sammy was a hit with all of us. Can’t wait to try the Jammy Sammy and strawberry banana Mashups!

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